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Learning Transfer - research insights with Mark Arneill
Wednesday, July 19, 2017 10:00:00 AM BST - 12:00:00 PM BST
Dig into some of the details from the recently published research about Learning Transfer.

Download the report here:

This research allows professionals to discover what's happening for Learning & Development professionals right now in organisations around the world and understand how it relates to your initiatives.

Mark and Jo will discuss with attendees what learning transfer is, the challenges this report highlights for L&D, the business and managers. Mark and Jo will also be sure to share highlights of success and look at the ways of improving for the future. 


Mark Arneill and Jo Cook
Mark Arneill is the Director & Founder at Lentum, a performance support tool to dramatically increase the amount of learning transfer.

Jo Cook specialises in webinars and virtual classroom, ensuring to focus on modern adult learning theory.

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